Strongly orthogonal and uniformly orthogonal many-placed operations

G. Belyavskaya, Gary L. Mullen


In [3] we have studied connection between orthogonal hypercubes and many-placed (\(d\)-ary) operations, have considered different types of orthogonality and their relationships. In this article we continue study of orthogonality of many-placed operations, considering special types of orthogonality such as strongly orthogonality and uniformly orthogonality. We introduce distinct types of strongly orthogonal sets and of uniformly orthogonal sets of \(d\)-ary operations, consider their properties and establish connections between them.


hypercube, orthogonal hypercubes, \(d\)-ary operation,\(d\)-ary quasigroup, orthogonal \(d\)-ary operations, strongly orthogonal operations, uniformly orthogonal operations

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