On \(\Sigma\)-skew reflexive-nilpotents-property for rings

Héctor Suárez, Sebastián Higuera, Armando Reyes


In this paper, we study the reflexive-nilpotents-property (briefly, RNP) for skew PBW extensions. With this aim, we introduce the \(\Sigma\)-skew CN and \(\Sigma\)-skew reflexive (RNP) rings. Under conditions of compatibility, we investigate the transfer of the reflexive-nilpotents-property from a ring of coefficients to a skew PBW extension. We also consider this property for localizations on these families of noncommutative rings. Our results extend those corresponding presented by Bhattacharjee [9].


RNP ring, skew polynomial ring, skew PBW extension

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12958/adm1922


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