Automorphisms of homogeneous symmetric groups and hierarchomorphisms of rooted trees

Yaroslav V. Lavrenyuk, Vitalii I. Sushchansky


A representation of homogeneous symmetric groups by hierarchomorphisms of spherically homogeneous rooted trees are considered. We show that every automorphism of a homogeneous symmetric (alternating) group is locally inner and that the group of all automorphisms contains Cartesian products of arbitrary finite symmetric groups.The structure of orbits on the boundary of the tree where inves-tigated for the homogeneous symmetric group and for its automorphism group. The automorphism group acts highly transitive on the boundary, and the homogeneous symmetric group acts faithfully on every its orbit. All orbits are dense, the actions of the group on different orbits are isomorphic as permutation groups.


rooted tree, hierarhomorphism, local isometry, diagonal embedding, direct limit, homogeneous symmetric group, group automorphisms

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