On strongly almost \(m\)-\(\omega_1\)-\(p^{\omega+n}\)-projective abelian \(p\)-groups

Peter Danchev


For any non-negative integers \(m\) and \(n\) we define the class of \textit{strongly almost \(m\)-\(\omega_1\)-\(p^{\omega+n}\)-projective groups} which properly encompasses the classes of \textit{strongly \(m\)-\(\omega_1\)-\(p^{\omega+n}\)-projective groups} and \textit{strongly almost \(\omega_1\)-\(p^{\omega+n}\)-projective groups}, defined by the author in Demonstr. Math. (2014) and Hacettepe J. Math. Stat. (2015), respectively. Certain results about this new group class are proved as well as it is shown that it shares many analogous basic properties as those of the aforementioned two group classes.


almost \(p^{\omega+n}\)-projective groups, almost \(\omega_1\)-\(p^{\omega+n}\)-projective groups, strongly almost \(\omega_1\)-\(p^{\omega+n}\)-projective groups, countable subgroups, nice subgroups, Ulm subgroups, Ulm factors

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