Endomorphisms of Clifford semigroups with injective structure homomorphisms

S. Worawiset, J. Koppitz


In the present paper, we study semigroups of endomorphisms on Clifford semigroups with injective structure homomorphisms, where the semilattice has a least element. We describe such Clifford semigroups having a regular endomorphism monoid. If the endomorphism monoid on the Clifford semigroup is completely regular then the corresponding semilattice has at most two elements. We characterize all Clifford semigroups \(G_{\alpha}\cup G_{\beta}\) (\(\alpha >\beta \)) with an injective structure homomorphism, where \(G_{\alpha}\) has no proper subgroup, such that the endomorphism monoid is completely regular. In particular, we consider the case that the structure homomorphism is bijective.


Clifford semigroups, endomorphism monoid, regular

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12958/adm1543


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