Leibniz algebras with absolute maximal Lie subalgebras

G. R. Biyogmam, C. Tcheka


A Lie subalgebra of a given Leibniz algebra is said to be an absolute maximal Lie subalgebra if it has codimension one. In this paper, we study some properties of non-Lie Leibniz algebras containing absolute maximal Lie subalgebras. When the dimension and codimension of their Lie-center are greater than two, we refer to these Leibniz algebras as \(s\)-Leibniz algebras (strong Leibniz algebras). We provide a classification of nilpotent Leibniz \(s\)-algebras of dimension up to five.


Leibniz algebras, \(s\)-Leibniz algebras, Lie-center

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12958/adm1165


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