On Sushchansky \(p\)-groups

Ievgen V. Bondarenko, Dmytro M. Savchuk


We study Sushchansky \(p\)-groups introduced in [Sus79]. We recall the original definition and translate it into the language of automata groups. The original actions of Sushchansky groups on \(p\)-ary tree are not level-transitive and we describe their orbit trees. This allows us to simplify the definition and prove that these groups admit faithful level-transitive actions on the same tree. Certain branch structures in their self-similar closures are established. We provide the connection with, so-called, \(\mathsf{G}\) groups [BGS03]  that shows that all Sushchansky groups have intermediate growth and allows to obtain an upper bound on their period growth functions.


Burnside groups, growth of groups, automata groups, branch groups

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